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J-BARR: Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Removal Hoist and Storage System

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The J-BARR is a Jeep  hardtop removal hoist system. Rugged, lightweight, and simple to use. The J-BARR is the all in one  solution to easily remove and store your Jeep hardtop.
Click the box below where it says choose model and select the appropriate kit for your Jeep. We offer 4 different types. A 4-door kitted and non-kitted version as well as a 2-door kitted and non-kitted version. We also an option that includes everything but the winch.  SEE VIDEO BELOW. 
What's included in full kit:
  • J-BARR
  • Padded Straps that attach to J-BARR 
  • Safety Pins that attach  straps to J-BARR (4)
  • Winch with Cable ( 25 Feet Long)
  • Handle for Winch
  • Extra 3/4 bolt for battery drill operation
  • Ceiling Mount Rail System ( Pilot Holes Drilled at 16 inches and 24 inches)
  • 2 (3/4) Ceiling Mount Lag Bolts
  • Ceiling Mount Pulley 
  • Corner Mount Pulley
  • Washers
What's included in non kit:
  • J-BARR
  • Padded Straps that attach to J-BARR 
  • Safety Pins that attach straps to J-BARR (4)

What's included in the Everything but the winch kit:

  • J-BARR
  • Straps that attach to hardtop (Set of 2)
  • Safety Pins that attach  straps to J-BARR (4)
  • Extra 3/4 nut for battery drill operation
  • Ceiling Mount Rail System ( Pilot Holes Drilled at 16 inches and 24 inches). The rail system has same black powder coat as J-BARR.
  • 2 (3/4) Ceiling Mount Lag Bolts
  • Ceiling Mount Pulley 
  • Corner Mount Pulley
  • Washers
  • Overall Length - 69 inches
  • Height at Center - 5.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity - 250 lbs


  • Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Removal and Storage System
  • Fits 2007 - Current (Contact us if you have an older model, we can fit those too!)
  • Made in the USA
  • Added Handles for ease of use. Winch and mounting kit included with kitted version. 
  • Lightweight all aluminum construction. Black powdered coated finish.
  • Simple one person use. 
  • Typically takes about an hour to install. 



Ask a Question
  • Once the hard top is raised for storage what keeps it from being able to swivel and or spin while hanging?

    Most of our customers just install a small hook in the ceiling and attach a bungey cord to the top. Works very well and keeps the top from spinning in your garage when the door opens on a windy day.

    Many thanks!

  • We purchased the 4 door kit 2 years ago, but ended up moving & didn’t install it. It’s still in the original box & I no longer can use it. I’m trying to resell it & have someone asking if it will work on a 2 door model. Can you tell me if that will work for the buyer?

    You will have to purchase the 2 door straps and it will work.

  • Wondering, you're video asks if your jeep is older than 2007 - that you have other (custom) solutions to fit the earlier models... please let me know what my choices might be (2006 Rubicon with hardtop). I think they named it a hard top, b/c of the effort needed to manage it! :D Thanks.

    Yes we offer special order lengths for older Jeep's just go to our videos tab and click on how to measure for top. When you order it put in customer notes the length you come up with. We have done this for several different older models. Thanks Marc

  • Does this system work with a Scout 2 79’ top?


    Thid link will direct to a video that you can use to measure your Scout.

    Thanks Marc

  • What is the minimum requirement of space between the jeep and top to remove it?

    Click on our blog tab in the lower part of our web page and go to page 2. There is a pic of the measurements to ceiling height that is needed for our product.
    Thanks Marc

  • Do you have any solution to store the freedom tops as well? Thanks.

    Unfortunatley we do not have anything to store the freedom tops at this time.
    Thanks Marc

  • What model do I buy for the Rubicon?

    The Standard 2 or 4 door kit will work with the Rubicon.
    Thanks Marc

  • Can you close the back glass on a jku

    Yes you can please click on several of our videos for all our install and how our product works.
    Thanks Marc

  • Once the hard top is taken off, can it stay suspended in air? Will the winch support that or is it better to lower to the floor

    Yes you can suspend the hardtop indefinitly, I hang my personal hardtop all summer with no problems. The only thing I do is use a small bungy cord and secure it to something to keep from it spinning. Thanks Marc

  • I just need the bar and straps. Is that an option?

    Hi there, 

    Yes it is. We sell just the J-BARR and straps. This is a good option if you already have winch set up and are looking for a better way to attach to your hardtop. 

    Please see the link below on how to select your differnt kit options. You are looking for for our "non-kit" option.  You can select either a 2-Door or 4-Door version.   


    Please call us with any questions 309-838-6249.

  • Once installed and the top is hanging from the ceiling, what is the total hanging distance from the ceiling? (Looking at hanging this system over an operable garage door)

    A four door unlimited top hanging from the ceiling to the bottom of the top is approximately 3' 10" 

    Thanks Marc J-BARR team.

  • How much for just the straps and bar I already have a hoist?

    $315.00 plus shipping.

    Thanks Marc

  • hello. would J Barr work under my deck? The deck is about fifteen feet off the ground. There are only corner posts / supports so there is nothing on the side or front to mount a winch to. its about 10'X10'.

    The ceiling mount is a swivel design, so the cable can be run in a 360 direction. You can mount the winch anywhere as long as you can get our corner pulley attached securely above the winch.

    Thanks Marc

  • I will be installing in a pole barn rafter. Approx 16 ft. Would a 25 ft cable be sufficient?

    Hey there, 

    That will be close. Our recommendation would be to go with the 50' option. You can measure from the top of the Jeep to ceiling, take that and multiple by two. Then measure from the center of Jeep to wall that you will be mounting the winch to. That should give you a close approximate of how much you will need. Give is a call if you have any questions 309-838-6249. 


  • My garage ceiling is around 12.5 ft. Will the 25ft cable be enough?

    Hi David, 

    25ft should work just fine. Give us a call if you have any questions 309-838-6249. Thanks!

  • All my ceiling dimensions work out above 9 feet but my ceiling is roughly a 45 degree slant that I would be mounting the ceiling bar to. It seems like it may work and I have a typical Rubi hardtop well under the 250 pound limit. Will this system still work for me given my angled ceiling?

    Yes our system will work due to the mounting bracket can be mounted to a pitched roof and the mounting pulley swivels in any direction. Just remember to attach to two of the rafters to distribute the weight. If they are wider than 2' just attach a longer 2x6 to the rafters and then attach our ceiling mount. 

    Thanks Marc

  • Hello,can I used this on a 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ? and if so which model should I buy.Thank you.


    No problem. Just select our 2-Door Model and be sure to note that you have a 2006. The straps are longer than our normal straps so we need to custom make them. Please let us know if you have any questions. 309-838-6249. 


  • Can this be mounted with the winch on the side wall?

    Yes the ceiling mount has a 360 degree swivel on it so you can mount the winch on any wall. 
    Thanks Marc

  • We have a 2016 Sahara 4 door which hoist should we order?

    Hi there,  

    You need our 4-door full kit option.  Please follow the link below:


    Please call us if you any questions. Thanks!

  • Does the rear window need to be up for this to work

    Hi there!

    Yes you can close the back window.

  • I don’t see a fitment option for CJ’s and TJ’s. Do you have something that will work for those models?

    Hi there, 

    Yes we do. We have custom straps made for these because the tops are bigger. If you have one of these older models all you need to do is in the notes section when you checkout be sure to let us know the make and model. We will contact you to confirm and we will get the appropriate straps sent out with your J-BARR. 

  • I want to storage my hard top, leaving it hanging over the summer. How far off the ceiling will it hang when it's fully winched up?

    Hi there, 

    That is no problem for long term storage. For ceiling height levels I will direct you to this article: https://www.j-barr.com/blogs/news/109174982-what-is-the-distance-from-the-ceiling-to-the-bottom-your-jeep-wrangler-hardtop-when-using-the-j-barr

    From the top of the Jeep to the ceiling it is about 20 inches. From the ceiling to the bottom of the Jeep it is about 45 inches to bottom of the hardtop. The article gives visuals. Pleae give us a call if you have any questions. 

  • My garage height is 8 feet will this hoist still work for my garage??

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately it will not work with a 8ft ceiling. You need a 9 ft ceiling at a minimum. Thank you for your interest. 


  • What is minimum garage height required?

    Hi there, 

    We recommend 9 feet at a minumum. Thanks !

  • Hello, I have a DV8 fastback hard too and they are heavier than the standard tops. Will this work for my top?

    Hi there, 

    We have had multiple customers with this set up. The straps need to be custom cut for this version. We do not charge extra for this. Give us a call and we can walk you the process of ordering custom straps. 309-838-6249. 


  • What’s the maximum weight it can hold? My Jeep has rhino Rack backbone roof rack . Any issues with this set up?

    Hi there, 

    We reccomend no more than 250 LBS. Please call us if you any quesitons 309-838-6249. 


  • How do you determine if you need a 25 or 50 foot cable? My garage ceiling is 10 ft and my Jeep is lifted 2 inches. Which do you recommend?

    Hey Jim,

    25ft will be plenty. Give us a call if you any questions.

  • Can the hardtop be stored or lifted with the rear window down?

    Eric thanks for reaching out. Yes the hard top can be stored with the back glass opened or closed for extended periods of time. It can also be lifted  with the top open or closed. My personal Jeep I store the top hanging for 5 months with no problems. 

    Thanks Marc and the J-BARR Team.

  • Shows $315 on one page , why does it come up$450

    You will have to click on the select model drop down arrow and click on a non kit which includes just the J-BARR and straps. The price will be updated in the check out.

    Thanks Marc and the J-BARR Team

  • The winch in the video is the winch that is included? How much for the 50ft cable? I am suspending in a warehouse. The cable is rated to carry the suspended weight for 3-4 months?

    Yes we offer the 50' cable in our full kit for an extra $25.00. This will include a swivel hook installed on the cable. The winch and cable are rated at 2000 lbs. and the swivel hook is rated 600lbs. We went with a swivel hook just recently to compensate for twist in the cable. 
    Thanks Marc

  • Do you have an application for a ‘96 ford bronco? I’m very interested in your product

    Yes we do. 

    Please watch this video on how to measure for your custom straps. At this time we do not charge anything extra for this service. Once you have the length just let us know in the notes section what model of vehicle you have and length of straps. This will populate once you start to place your order.  If you have any questions please call us @ 309-838-6249. Thanks!


  • Could a modification or alternate kit for the Ursa Minor JKU camper top be made available (differing height, weight and fulcrum)? I'd be very interested.

    Yes. We could potentially make a custom option for you. Give us a call at 309-838-6249. Thanks!

  • Will this system work on a Jeep Gladiator?

    Yes it will. I have designed straps to work with the Gladiator. We are waiting on our filming company to shoot the how to video so we can post and add to our website. We do not have the ordering option on our website yet but I can sell you a kit and send some pics on how to use the Gladiator kit. I have personnally removed a Gladiator top several times and really like the way it works. 

    Thanks Marc Petersen

  • Does it work with the 2018 JL Rubicon Unlimited

    Yes it does, the JK and JL are the same lenght so our 4-Door kit will work.

    Thanks Marc J-BARR Team

  • Any issues with rubbing or staining on a painted top?

    Steve, tahnks for the question we have not had any complaints with paint rub as we use a micro fleece cover to slide were the pressure point is were the straps meet the paint. This works very good and promotes long term storage. We have had customers hang them all season with no complaints.

    Thanks Marc Petersen

  • Hello, can this be attached to a power winch system?

    Hey Art,    Yes it can. We have many customers that have or will buy an eletric winch seperately and use that instead of the manual winch we sell with our kit. We do have a kit option that that we sell that includes everything except the winch. So it has the J-BARR, straps, and mounting hardware. Give us a call if you have any questions 309-838-6249. Thanks!

  • Can I purchase just the j bar padded straps and pins?

    Hi there,  Yes you can. In the dropdown menu when you select  what model you need there is "non-kit" option. This includes just the J-BARR and straps. This is a good option if you already have a winch in place and just need something to attach to your hardtop.  Please call us if you have any questions.    Thanks!    

  • I have a 2018 JL 4 Door Sahara. 9'4" Garage ceiling height. Recommendation?

    Tim, thanks for checking our product out. Your ceiling height will work with our product. When you get a chance go to our website www.j-barr.com and click on the blog link at the bottom of the page. There are some pics about ceiling height with measurements. The ceiling were those pics were taken was 9' 1". If you have any questions please feel free to call us.   Thanks!

  • Could you please give me a price for a complete kit with 25’ cable that will fit a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited LJ hardtop? Hopefully you have one for it.

    Dave, I have made straps for this model already. Just go to our web site and order the kit you need. Then in the comment section please put in the make a year of your Jeep. This takes a special lenght strap. It will take a couple of days to have made up. Our basic Kit is 299.99 and our full kit with the winch, brackets and all hardware is 399.99. We charge 19.99 for shipping to the lower 48.   Thanks Marc Any questions please feel free to call me 309-838-6249.

  • Is the strap sitting right on the seal of the door and window? How does it not damage the seals, then cause leaks in your jeep when you put the top back on?

    Hi there,

    Great question. We have used and tested the strapping for years now and have had no issues with leaking or tearing of the rubber seal. Also the strapping displaces the pressure more evenly across the seal. Thank you!

  • How do we position the bar/straps so the top is balanced and not front heavy or back heavy? Our son gave this to us without directions. It works very slick, but just the balancing problem with the 2018 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Is there a direction book? Thank you

    There are orange balance marks that are sewn into the straps. Just position them at the rear door opening and the rear hatch opening. This is a very close starting point to balance your top. 


  • How do I know if I need a 25 or 50 foot cable??? What is best for wrangler 2017 Sahara unlimited???

    Hi there!

    The 25ft cable is usually more than enough. The only time you would typically need the 50ft cable is if you had very tall ceilings 12ft plus. We typically recommend buying the 25ft if you are unsure and if you need a longer one just let us know and we can ship the 50ft cable out and charge the difference in price at that point. Customers who typically buy the 50 ft cable need it for barns and facilities like that. Not your standard home garages.  Hope this helps!

  • Hello, I have a Jeep Wrangler TJ 2006. Do you have a lift that will work for my 2006 TJ hardtop?

    Hi there. 

    Yes, we do. Please place an order on our website for the kit option that you would like then in the notes put your model of Jeep and we will send you the appporiate kit option. We custom make these but have a few in inventory at all times. For more questions email or call 309-838-6249. Thanks!

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